VIP Meet and Greet Passes Include:


  • Dedicated early entry into the venue! (must also have show ticket)
  • Exclusive VIP Lanyard (not sold anywhere else!)
  • A FREE full-sized tour poster, given to you during the VIP Meet and Greet and autographed by Alex and The Band
  • Private Meet and Greet session with Alex Band and The Band members
  • Photos with Alex and The Band
  • Personal items autographed 
  • First access to the standing/seating areas before doors open AND first look at the Merch Booth (directly after the Meet and Greet)


*Don't forget to provide your email address to receive your confirmation and details! 


*Please review the Terms and Conditions before you purchase. 

Glasgow, Scotland VIP Meet and Greet Pass

$75.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price

    • Your VIP Meet & Greet Pass DOES NOT include a concert ticket to the show.  Purchase your show ticket from the designated ticket seller before purchasing a VIP Meet and Greet Pass, and please make sure the show and dates match for both!
    • VIP Meet and Greet Passes are non-refundable after the time of purchase, so make certain you purchase a pass for the correct corresponding show/date you will be attending.
    • Details regarding your VIP Meet & Greet Pass will be sent to you via email with a receipt and printable confirmation that you will need to bring with you to the venue. 
    • Last minute instructions could be sent as late as the day of the show as details MAY change, so please keep an eye out for any updates emailed to you from
    • You can purchase your VIP Meet and Greet Pass for someone else, as a gift, but you must notify at time of purchase so that the correct name and email address gets associated with your specific VIP Meet and Greet Pass(es) in the computer.
    • You must be at the entrance of the venue 2 hours before doors open, or at the EXACT time the email you receive specifies. 
    • You do not need to stand in the normal entrance line as you are guaranteed EARLY ENTRY into the venue with your purchase of a VIP Meet & Greet Pass and will be able to find your spot/seat in the audience before doors even open for the general audience.
    • Print out your VIP Meet & Greet pass confirmation or present the digital version of it on your phone, along with your photo I.D, and your show ticket at the door to gain early entry.
    • You will be taken inside with the other small group of VIP Meet & Greet passholders and wait in a designated area for Alex and The Band to arrive. Individuals, or small groups of VIP Meet and Greet passholders may be taken in one at a time to meet the band privately or it could be a group session, depending on the venue's size and/or layout.
    • Every VIP Meet and Greet passholder will be given ample time with Alex and The Band to have their picture taken and items signed. Please bring no more than 5 personal items to have signed along with a permanent marker of choice. Remember, you will be given a free poster as well when you meet Alex and The Band, which they will sign for you as well and/or personalize.
    • You are responsible for any and all photos you wish to take during the Meet & Greet process. Please make sure your camera or in-phone camera app is open and ready/working BEFORE you meet Alex and the Band!
    • There may be a professional photographer present who will be taking photos for Alex and The Band.  By purchasing a VIP Meet and Greet Pass, you give consent for your photo to be taken and broadcasted on social media or websites for The Band or Alex. You also give consent that you may unknowingly be captured in another VIP Meet and Greet passholder's picture(s) accidentally and therefore have your likeness be put online without your knowledge.  If you do no want to have your photo taken, please be aware of your surroundings and avoid standing in the background of photos. Upon entering the VIP Meet and Greet experience as a whole, you also are giving automatic consent that you may be recorded on video for "back-stage tour footage" that could be shared/sold online or/and end up a part of some future Live DVD or other such product.
    • Immediately after you're finished meeting the band, and have had your things signed and taken photos, you will be escorted to the venue's audience area where you can choose your place to watch the show, or visit the Merch Booth before it may become crowded.
    • We do recommend that you stay in your chosen spot until doors open; that way no one will "take" your space. There is NO saving spots or seats, even with your VIP Meet and Greet Pass yanyard. If you leave your spot/seat unattended it could be taken.
    • Please be courteous of Alex and The Band's personal space and time when meeting them as there are others waiting to meet them behind you. And just like any normal person you meet for the first time, you wouldn't want to startle Alex or The Band by being too aggressive with any sort of hugging, kissing, grabbing or pulling-at. The amount of time Alex and The Band spend with you is totally up to them, so be nice!
    • Any VIP Meet and Greet passholder caught violating these simple rules/terms above will be escorted out of the venue and not allowed back in for the remainder of the night and will not be entitled to a refund of their VIP Meet and Greet Pass or their show ticket.
    • Any VIP Meet and Greet passholder caught duplicating their pass for others or trying to cheat the system will not be allowed to enter the venue at all and will not be entitled to any refund.
    • VIP Meet & Greet Passes are good for ONLY the ONE show that corresponds to the VIP Meet and Greet Pass you purchased. You cannot "reuse" your Pass/VIP lanyard or give/sell it to another person after you've used it with the intent that the same pass be used again that same night or any other night. Every VIP Meet and Greet Pass is electronically marked and digitally associated with their owner/purchaser and become void after initial entry into the venue. 
    • Although Alex and The Band will do their best to accommodate everybody, there may arise a circumstance where one or more band members cannot be present for the Meet and Greet. 
    • You CAN purchase more than 1 VIP Meet and Greet Pass for the same show/date as long as each additional VIP Meet and Greet Pass you purchase is for somebody else and you fill in the Full Name of each person you wish to purchase for.  You are responsible for providing instructions to your additional passholder as information will go to your email address. 
    • You CAN buy yourself multiple VIP Meet and Greet Passes for multiple shows/dates which you plan on attending.  We just urge you to buy your tickets to each show BEFORE buying your VIP Meet and Greet passes as they are non-refundable.